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The Paper prints on Cotton, Polyester, Leather Nylon and even Cardboard.

  • Direct to T shirt print quality (Screen Print like finish)
  • No blocking or liquid inks...
  • No pre treat required...
  • Easy to use clean production process.
  • Self weeding no print cut required.
  • HD (High Definition) Color printing for breathtaking output.
The Forever two step paper puts a background on the paper so that you can print brilliant colours on whatever the colour background is.

The paper is SELF WEEDING thus there will only be the image on the T shirt, no background no cutting required, simple and easy to give you a screen print or direct to t shirt print like finish in brilliant colour.

The media will work on Cotton and Polyester as well a jeans and cardboard. I have also put a logo on leather!!! It is versatile and exceptionally clean and easy to use.
The Paper Multitrans will Brand onto Coffee mugs using your white toner laser printer. The mugs can be of different colours as the printer prints white. We have coated mugs in stock that will be able to be washed in a dishwasher, if you make use of non coated mugs these will look good however the image will not last as long and will come off in a dishwasher.
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