Sublimation: How it works

Sublimation is a process of printing that makes use of a special ink known as a sublimation ink. This is delivered in liquid or gel form however the liquid in essence is only a carrier for the ink. The ink is printed onto a Sublimation paper (or release paper) often via a 4 colour ink jet printer. The carrier evaporates allowing the ink particles to stay behind on the paper and will then be transferred via the use of heat into the surface of a polyester based sub-straight or polyester coated product. The process of sublimation occurs at approximately 180 t0 200 degrees C. The printers used are generally Often Ricoh which is fit for purpose (designed for sublimation) or Epson printers which are converted to be able to use the Sublimation ink.

After the heat cycle the image will have been transferred into the surface of the sub-straight. If you feel the surface with your finger you will notice there is no edge. There are a range of products that have been coated for the sublimation process. Some of the more popular items include Mugs, Polyester T shirts, Coasters, Mouse Pads and Puzzles.

It is very important to note that since the Epson printer was not designed for the use of these particular inks, the printer will not last as long as it would normally. Studder has now discontinued the use of Please consider your printer to be a consumable rather than an asset, and it will need to be replaced on a 12 to 18 monthly bases. They Epson Printers as we get too many client complaints due to failed printers and blocked heads

We now only Sell the Ricoh based sublimation printers as the quality is superior in print and because the printer is designed to use the inks it lasts longer and will give you little or no trouble at all. Since we started selling the Ricoh our client complaints have dropped to pretty much less than 1%.

Ricoh Sublimation Printers

The Ricoh A4 or A3 Gel sublimation printer is by far the best small format sublimation printer on the market. They are much more stable and block much less; I say this as the printer still needs to be taken care of by leaving it on to allow it to run its cleaning program but this is significantly less than the Epson and ultimately close to zero. The Ricoh is much more reliable and stable. Well worth the investment.

Get one now in our web shop and you will not be sorry.

If you need more information on what printer will suit your particular needs please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. Click Here
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